Bodurov Trio is a modern, dynamic jazz group, founded by Amsterdam based pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov. In 2016, the band celebrates 15 years on stage and has been performing mostly throughout Europe. Members of the group are: drummer Jens Dueppe, bass player Mihail Ivanov and pianist Dimitar Bodurov. 


Bodurov’s fascination with Bulgarian folklore evolved in a unique and distinctive style  characterised by connecting folklore elements with contemporary jazz. "Stamps from Bulgaria", the band’s successful project is a remarkable example compiling a series of compositions based on traditional Bulgarian folk songs and dances. 


The first CD album of the series was released in 2008 by Challenge records (NL) and was included in the top 10 releases of the year of the dutch newspaper Volkskrant. Then in 2012 followed Seven Stamps, featuring the celebrated Bulgarian kaval player Theodosii Spassov.

Stamps Around is the band’s latest album available digitally since November 2015 at OPTOMUSIC LABEL. Dynamic, energetic, poetic yet more fluent and somewhat less eclectic. With this new a-la-suite approach the music takes surprising turns of sonic texture and emotion.

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