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Bodurov trio has been in demand since 2001. Founded by Bulgarian pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov the band has released 6 albums for Norwegian and Dutch labels as well as Bodurov’s own OPTOMUSIC label.

Dimitar’s fascination with Bulgarian folklore evolved in a unique and distinctive style characterized by connecting folklore elements with contemporary jazz and classical composition.

The title track SENKYA PADNA contains a sample of an elderly woman singing an archaic traditional folklore song "A shade casts its shadow on three cities”.
Written during the pandemic, it immediately sets the tone of the album - rather dark, more aggressive and dissonant at times. 

With their sixth album the band continue to explore their fascination with Bulgarian folklore and contemporary jazz, which makes this album quite dynamic, with its rich sound pallet and playful interactions. 

"Extremely high musicianship, an original sound and strong inspiration from traditional music were apparent in the original compositions of the pianist"



Francesco Martinelli 

"Stamps from Bulgaria", the band’s successful project is a series of compositions based on traditional Bulgarian folk songs and dances, for which All about Jazz wrote: “The exploration on this set of Bodurov's original compositions mixes jazz and Bulgarian folk together in a series of fascinating and enjoyable musical interactions. It's a great sound.“

The first CD album of the series, Stamps from Bulgaria was released in 2008 by Challenge records (NL) and was included in the top 10 releases of the year of the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. Then in 2012 followed Seven Stamps, featuring the celebrated Bulgarian kaval player Theodosii Spassov. The album explores the rich variations of the 7/8 rhythms.

In Stamp Around (2016), samples from various folklore sources serve as inspiration. Energetic, poetic yet more fluent and somewhat less eclectic. 


The band's latests release SENKYA PADNA is a collection of material written pre and post pandemic. 

In 2019 in commission by Music meeting festival (Nijmegen, NL) the trio worked with celebrated Norwegian saxophone player Trygve Seim and Bulgarian vocal trio Avigea. And for the opening of Varna summer jazz fest (Varna, BG) and band was joined by Israeli trumpet player Itamar Borochov.

Bodurov trio has been performing throughout Europe and Israel.


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