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by Bruce Lindsay


The exploration on this set of Bodurov's original compositions mixes jazz and Bulgarian folk together in a series of fascinating and enjoyable musical interactions. It's a great sound, but the group's music really takes on a character of its own with the addition of guest musician Theodosii Spassov on kaval. 

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By Ian Patterson 2019

The folk music of Bulgaria has long informed Bodurov, and his deconstructions of time-honoured tunes foregrounded melody, while using the same for explorations in rhythm and tempi. One of Bulgaria's most revered jazz musicians! 

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by Koen Schouten


Stamps from Bulgaria 2008 in the top 10 Jazz CDs from Holland for 2008!


The Bodurov Trio brings a welcoming and original sound in Jazz – not in a corny, boring way as it is so often the case with combinations of Jazz and Balkan music, but totally organic, warm and with guts. 





An organic unity of rhythms, jazz and foklore. Convincing and dynamic! Definitely worth listening.


by Christoph Giese


The Bodurov Trio elegantly transports an emotional landscape of Bulgarian Folk culture!

Jazzmagazine (NL)

by Angelique van Os


With originality as a driving force, one can almost taste the Bulgarian culture and landscape!



by Coen de Jonge


As a pianist Bodurov is not only an amazing talent, but also a musician, who did not forget about his roots, yet does not stand still!




The Bodurov Trio approaches with the same intensity the fast and complicated as well as the slow and soulful songs. A must have for everyone, interested in music from this region!




The more you listen the more secrets come out of this album! The playing is interactive, dance like but sometimes also serious and contemplative. The ideas are distinct and powerful.


Jazzmozaiek (NL)

by Mischa Andriessen


With this new album Bodurov lives up to his promise!





The rhythms are strange, the sphere is intimate, great musicians who make make this album warm and sympathetic.

Vento Azul (JP)


This is a spectacular piano trio recording with many innovative approaches, as well as ethnic flavour!



by Frans van Leeuwen



Jazzos are not often in love with the melody, but for the Bulgarian piano talent Bodurov, this seems to be the most important subject in his music. 


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