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Challenge Records CR73360


With their new album Seven Stamps, Bodurov Trio continue delving into Bulgarian folklore and further narrowing their search to the intrinsic variations of the very popular rhythm in 7. Different regions have their own interpretation and names of it such as Rychenica, Chetvorno, Elenino Horo, etc. In combination with other measures, the rhythm in seven, serves as a basis for other so called additive measures, which provide countless possibilities for interpretation. 


A special guest for this album is the internationally acclaimed kaval player Theodosii Spassov, who is one of the pioneers in connecting Bulgarian Folklore with the jazz tradition, as well as a great inspiration for many musicians.


Dimitar Bodurov- piano
MIhail Ivanov- bass
Jens Dueppe- drums

feat. Theodosii Spassov- kaval


by Bruce Lindsay


The exploration on this set of Bodurov's original compositions mixes jazz and Bulgarian folk together in a series of fascinating and enjoyable musical interactions. It's a great sound!, but the group's music really takes on a character of its own with the addition of guest musician Theodosii Spassov on kaval. 

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