Stamps from Bulgaria 2008

Challenge Records CR73276


Dimitar Bodurov- piano
MIhail Ivanov- bass
Jens Dueppe- drums, percussion


Stamps from Bulgaria is the result of a long-term investigation into Bulgarian Folklore and its correlation with other music traditions and instruments. For me, there were two personal challenges in this project: as composer and as pianist.


My approach as composer was to avoid rearranging these songs, but rather to treat them as any other compositional element such as a major triad, a rhythmical phrase, intervals, etc. Thus establishing a process of de- and re-construction, which will eventually result in a new musical form, which is sometimes closer to the original than others.

On selecting the songs, I searched carefully for any personal and emotional connection and/or something unique (such as odd time measure, lyrics, or just a melody), which also contained enough dramatic potential, yet leaving room for exploration.

As a pianist I referred to the traditional singing and instruments in an attempt to apply their specific characteristics on the piano keyboard. I treated the piano as a melodic rather than harmonic instrument, which is its most common function.


All songs come from different regions of Bulgaria. Some are more popular than others. It is of course arguable which songs are actually Bulgarian, but this issue gives another dimension to my research and poses the question of national identity – a much discussed issue in a modern multi-cultural society.

Dimitar Bodurov


Top 10 jazz CDs from Holland for 2008
The Bodurov Trio brings a welcoming and original sound in Jazz – not in a corny, boring way as it is so often the case with combinations of Jazz and Balkan music, but totally organic, warm and with guts.


New ways in Jazz!


This is a spectacular piano trio recording with many innovative approaches, as well as ethnic flavour!


With this new album Bodurov lives up to his promise!


With originality as a driving force, one can almost taste the Bulgarian culture and landscape!


The Bodurov Trio approaches with the same intensity the fast and complicated as well as the slow and soulful songs. A must have for everyone, interested in music from this region!


The Bodurov Trio elegantly transports an emotional landscape of Bulgarian Folk culture!


As an instrumentalist, Bodurov is an amazing talent and a musician, who did not forget about his roots, yet does not stand still!

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